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Young girl survives cancer thanks to little sisteras lifesaving donation: 'A perfect match'

A 10-year-old girl in the U.K. who had acute lymphoblastic leukemia is in remission thanks to her little sister, who was the perfect match for a bone marrow donation.

Alzheimer's drug embrace slows down as US doctors' reluctance grows

The adoption of the FDA-approved Alzheimer's drug, Leqimbi, has slowed down in the U.S. as more experts grow hesitant about the drugs cost, risks and efficacy.

Former rugby star Wally Lewis urges Australian government to fund CTE support services

Wally Lewis, a former rugby player from Australia, has appealed to the Australian government for increased funding for support services and education for CTE.

AI could predict whether cancer treatments will work, experts say: aExciting time in medicine'

A chemotherapy alternative called immunotherapy is showing promise in treating cancer a and a new artificial intelligence tool could help ensure that patients have the best possible experience.

With whooping cough cases on the rise, do you need a booster vaccine?

As whooping cough (pertussis) cases surge globally, experts offer their insights on symptoms, prevention and vaccination requirements. Here's what you need to know to stay safe.

Toddler milk is apotentially harmful,a AAP warns amid calls for stricter regulations

Experts warn that toddler milk might not have the benefits that marketers claim even as this milk has become a huge worldwide business. Here is nutrition insight from all sides.

Military veteran embraces anew servicea of helping others after his Parkinson's diagnosis: aThere is hope'

After 17 years of serving his country, Mark Kelm of Minnesota is now providing a different type of service: advocating for others who, like him, have Parkinsonas disease. Kelm shared his story.

Health weekend roundup: A mother's health mission, sleep-blocking foods, heat illnesses and more

As your weekend continues and you look to the week ahead, check out some of the top recent stories in Health that you may have missed, or have been meaning to check out.

Americans need more sleep, less stress, experts say, as Gallup poll reveals troubling findings

A Gallup poll revealed more adults than ever are under-slept and stressed out. Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel and sleep expert Dr. Wendy Troxel weighed in with recommendations.

CDC warns of extreme heat dangers amid arecord-breaking high temperaturesa

Many regions across the U.S. experienced arecord-breaking high temperatures" in 2023 due to extreme heat, according to the CDC. Experts share risk factors and safety tips.

World Health Organization approves updated cholera vaccine to combat surge in cases

The World Health Organization has approved a new version of a cholera vaccine that could help address a surge in cases that has depleted the global vaccine stockpile.

Utah mom fights for her daughteras access to discontinued diabetes medication: aLife-saving'

A Utah mother is fighting for her teen daughteras access to diabetes medicine after it was discontinued. Alison Smart, plus other parents and medical experts, discussed the risks and options.

World Health Organization, experts reach landmark agreement on how to define airborne diseases

The World Health Organization and around 500 experts have established a consensus on what it means for a disease to spread through the air, officials said.

Having trouble sleeping? It could be for this surprising reason, experts say

What you eat can have an impact on your sleep. Two sleep experts shared foods that promote sleep, foods to avoid, and how to know if your dietary choices are keeping you up at night.

Study finds evidence of microplastics in brains and other organs

Two recently-published studies investigated how microplastics can find their way inside the organs of both humans and mice and what the potential impact can be.

'Forever chemicals' found in US drinking water, map shows 'hot spots' of highest levels

A study published in the journal Nature Geoscience on April 8 found that higher amounts of PFAS (perfluoroalkyl substances) were found in drinking water in certain parts of the U.S.

The girl who can't smile, plus 'Ozempic babies' and sleep-related disorders

The Fox News Health Newsletter brings you trending and important stories about health warnings, drug shortages, mental health issues and more in this weekly recap.

6 energy boosters to help beat the midday slump, from a nutrition expert

Dr. Christopher Rhodes, a nutritional biologist in California, shared six tips for keeping energy levels high throughout the day and beating the midday slump.

Lack of sleep could be a factor in a 'silent epidemic,' experts warn

Lack of sleep can lead to what some experts call the asilent epidemic" a a little-known condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Here's what experts want you to know.

Drinking 100% orange juice is linked to surprising health benefits, study finds

A study by Toronto Metropolitan University researched the effects of drinking 100% orange juice vs. sugar-sweetened orange beverages on appetite, food intake and glycemic response in adults.

The girl who canat smile: How a rare disorder became a young woman's agreatest gifta

Tayla Clement, 26, was born with a rare disorder that made it impossible to smile a but she says she is grateful for it. Clement shared her experience with Fox News Digital.

Ozempic babies: Women claim weight-loss drugs are making them more fertile and experts agree

Women taking weight-loss drugs like Ozempic are reporting unexpected pregnancies. Drs. Rachel McConnell and Angela Fitch said these medications could boost fertility.

Ask a doc: aHow can I improve my posture?a

Fox News Digital spoke with Dr. Arthur L. Jenkins, III, board-certified neurosurgeon and founder of Jenkins NeuroSpine in New York City, about the importance of good posture and how to achieve it.

Less than half of Americans say they get enough sleep, new poll shows

A Gallup poll on sleep found that about a quarter of Americans said they got eight or more hours of sleep per night and about a fifth said they got five hours or less.

Fake Botox claims, puberty blocker dangers and more led top Health news this week

This weekend, check out some of the top stories of the week in Health that you may have missed, or have been meaning to check out a and get fully prepped for the week ahead.

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